How to change your wiper blades

Wiper blades are an essential safety tool on vehicles and require to be kept maintained. As they are made from rubber, they will naturally wear out and need replacing. Thankfully this is a very simple task to perform yourself and can be done in just a few easy steps.


First, locate which part of the blade needs changing. The wipers consist of the arm and the wiper blade. Raise the metal wiper blade away from your windshield (it should stand up-right, but be cautious as it is spring loaded and could snap back and damage your windshield).

Secondly release the wipe blade by locating the joint that sits between the rubber blade and the metal arm. There is a small stopper which needs to be pushed in (or in some cases pulled) which will separate the two. Ensure one hand is always holding the wiper blade during the process to avoid it snapping back and cracking the windshield, (placing a cloth on the windshield can hep protect it in case of any incidents).

Third, the new wiper blade should slide and insert into the same end of the arm where the old wiper has been removed. Begin with aligning the new blade with the metal arm and pivot the new wiper until the metal hook clicks into place.

The fourth step is to gently lay the wiper back onto the windshield, and repeat the process for the remaining wiper blade.

Knowing when to change your wiper blades can be seen and heard from a few signs, these include streaking marks on your windshield, a squeaky noise made when they are being used and sometimes a milky like film can be left when wiping the windshield.

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