Spring is coming!

The winter months can be hard on vehicles, it is a time that requires drivers to ensure both internal and external components are in top shape to make it through the harsh, wet and cold weather conditions. However, don’t be misled, the excitement of spring can have most drivers slacking when it comes to the realisation that spring is just around the corner. The months of March, April and May also require preparation, a little less than for winter but none the less just as necessary and important. Below find some steps and tips we advise drivers to perform to ensure you and your car get the most out of spring.


Washing your car

An overlooked but essential way to getting your car ready for spring is to start with getting the exterior as well as undercarriage cleaned, this is where road salt and remaining effects of winter can collect causing rust and potentially lasting damage to vehicles. The interior is also just as important, although it may look dry, car mats will hold onto the snow and dirt brought in by shoes during the winter months.


Check your tyres

During winter some drivers may have chosen to put winter tyres on, whether you did this or not tyres still need to be checked as the seasons change. Two key things to keep on top of are, to make an appointment to have your tyres rotated and to have the tire pressure checked, low pressure can cause rigid driving leading to poor steering control as well as a reduction in gas mileage. Doing these checks and changes also allow drivers at the same time to check other essential tyre- maintenance such as tyre tread and tracking, these are both just as important in getting your car spring ready.


Check your battery

During the winter your vehicle works a lot harder and this can take its toll on your car battery. Most auto parts garages can run a swift battery inspection to ensure it’s still able to hold charge sufficiently. A quick and important job driver can also perform on their own is cleaning the vehicle battery, this involves checking for any corrosive build up or dirt and simply scrubbing it away using a toothbrush with a mixture of baking soda and water.


Change your wiper blades

During the winter wiper blades take a real beating! Generally having a shelf life of around 6 months – 1 year the best time to either give them a good clean or even a change is the season of spring. Reducing the risk of accidents as well as improving driver’s visibility, maintaining wiper blades are a small but essential check for getting your vehicle spring ready.


Check your vehicle fluids

After winter is the best time to do a quick top up of all essential fluids in your car. Some crucial ones to not forget include windshield wiper fluid as this would have emptied from all the constant use during the rain and to clean the grime from your windshield, engine oil as this is protects the engine from potential wear and tear, and last but not least break fluid, this is essential for both driver and car. To ensure brakes are working efficiently and keeping both passengers and members of the public safe.

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