The 20 Year Motoring Challenge

Changing Times 

Bringing in the new year of 2020 marks a time in history we can look back and evaluate the dramatic changes in motor vehicles all over the world.

The past 20 years has witnessed some of the most drastic changes to cars in history. With various factors contributing to this development, the most crucial and by far important is the improvement and advances in the computer. From the designing process, to fuel efficiency, to the improvements of safety and dependability, cars have definitely come a long way fast in 20 years.

Changing Consumers

As much as cars today look and drive better, their improvements and advances have pathed the way to changing the lives of those who choose to invest in them. Under the control of computers, cars today are not only more eco friendly, but also last longer and are far less likely to break down.

See below some of the major advances over the past 20 years that have vastly improved the comfort and safety of consumers today.

Tire pressure monitoring (2000)

You definitely won’t see as many hazard lights on the side of the road with a flat as you used to. This improvement is largely down to the work put into tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Today drivers are not only warned in advance about the hazard of under inflated tyres through the TPMS system but in the event of a flat can now benefit from the new ‘run-flat tyres’ to allow them to continue journeys at a reduced speed for a limited time.

All around camera (2002)

Asking the passenger to help you reverse out or straining your neck to see that blind spot view have fast become a thing of the past. The early 2000’s saw the advance in the rear view camera that not only made the lives of drivers far more easy when parking or pulling over, but also decreased the risk for children and small animals. This advancement has proved to be such a valuable success that from 2018 was required to be fitted in all passenger vehicles.

GPS Satellite Navigation (2000)

A-Z Great Britain Guide, Collins Big Road Atlas & AA Road Atlas have fast become a car necessity of the past. With its introduction 20 years ago, GPS satellite navigation has revolutionised the way the majority of the population find new destinations. Beginning with exclusively being created for military purposes during the 70’s-80’s, it then took just over a decade to start becoming available to the public in the early 90’s and with car manufacturers catching on very soon after. In car navigation is now one of the most commonly seen products in cars, making paper maps and route planners a thing of the past.


Still going strong

Although these 20 years have brought about a variety of brand-new cars and gadgets for consumers to choose from, we can’t forget those that are still going strong. There are always those that just seem to survive the test of time, with only the odd upgrade here and there they still remain as popular as they did 20 years ago. To name a few still going strong; Honda Jazz, Nissan Sylphy, Honda Civic, Kia Sephia, Honda Insight, Kia Sportage, Honda Odyssey and the ever growing popular Honda CR-V SUV.

Now to see what the next 20 years brings about for the world of cars

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