Brake Pads- Slow down and get to know your brakes

An often overlooked component of vehicles, but top safety feature are the brake pads.

Brake pads are an essential part of the car’s braking system, from being forced to clamp down on the brake disks, the friction created causes the wheels to slow down and eventually if needed come to a stop.

The majority of brake pads are made from 3 different types of material; semi-metallic, organic and ceramic, each making them extremely strong and durable. As strong as they are however, they don’t last forever. Generally, it’s said that brake pads should be checked and changed every 40,000 miles, and they are believed to have a life span of between 25,000- 65,000 miles. Legally the UK limit for brake pads is a minimum of 1.5 mm and is suggested that they are changed once they reach 3mm. With this in mind there are some signs drivers can look out for that will let them know their brake pads may need to be checked.

One of the first and most obvious signs drivers may experience is a screeching or squeaking noise when the brakes are applied. Similarly, a deep metallic grinding noise may also be heard, indicating the same thing.

A second and even more obvious sign drivers may experience would be a vibration on the brake pedal when it is applied. This can occur due to the brake disks being unevenly worn down when they make contact with the flat spots on the rotor’s surface. This again is something that should immediately be investigated for both the health and safety of both driver and vehicle as this can cause lasting damage if not rectified.













The more modern vehicles today are usually fitted with brake pads sensors, which are programmed to alert drivers when the brake pad is close to reaching its minimum limit.

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