Spark Plugs- Why are they so important & when to change them

Although they may seem small and simple, spark plugs are one of the most vital car components found under your bonnet. They are essentially tiny bolts of lightning that provide a small ignition source to the car’s engine. This small spark of electricity that is created travels across a small gap creating the ignition needed to start your car. In the short run, no spark plug, no movement.

In comparison to other car parts, spark plugs are one of the most durable, and tend not to need changing so often. Typically, they can be replaced between every 30,000 and 60,000 miles, however some sources maintain they can wait until as long as 80,000 depending on the engine conditions.  The majority of new cars today come with a lifetime warranty proving these little bolts can go for an extremely long time.

As they are one of the key components of the car, the life span of spark plugs is directly related to the health of the car’s engine. Maintaining spark plugs and ensuring they are changed when needed guarantees the vehicle will continue to run at its maximum health for a longer time

Although vehicle manuals will give owners a guidance on when to replace their spark plugs, and it is generally considered good practice to do so every 30,000 miles, there are other tell-tale signs that may appear, giving owners a hint that their spark plug might need replacing.


A few signs to keep an eye out for may include the following;

  • Your car has trouble starting
  • The engine has a rough idle
  • Acceleration is poor
  • Higher fuel consumption
  • Check engine light is on

If you are experiencing any of the above while driving, an immediate routine check is advised. 

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